About Rhino

The Rhino range of products includes activated carbon filters, fans and fan controllers as well as ducting for a wide range of applications.

Rhino products are known for their quality and have become a favourite with all levels of grower, due to their durability, product shelf life and ease of use

The Rhino Range

Rhino Filters - The Rhino Pro and Rhino Hobby are filled with the finest quality RC412 Carbon that makes it extra effective at extracting organic compounds from the air.

Rhino Fan Controllers – These dual fan controllers enable growers to create the ultimate two fan air exchange.

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Rhino Ducting – The Rhino ducting range compliments the Rhino Range of products perfectly. They are manufactured to European quality standards for lasting reliability and peace of mind.

Rhino Fan – Rhino Fans are high-performance instruments for grow room ventilation. Available as single, twin and thermostatically-controlled units, this range offers a solution for every type of grower.

Rhino Products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards for both the professional and hobby grower.

The innovative and durable products that make up the Rhino range have developed a huge client base across the globe. We believe that this range is the most comprehensive on the market and that you will be satisfied by the results they provide.

Rhino Brands